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Beatrice Jugert

Sculptor, Berlin

I'm a sculptor and my material is ceramics. I do drawings and watercolors to visualize textures and moods. My topics are circling around identity and groups. 
I first learned stone sculpting in Italy and then I studied contemporary art at the University for Fine Arts Dresden, the Art Academy Düsseldorf and Columbia University in New York City. For some time I concentrated on conceptual art and installation. I have worked in theatre stage design and puppet engineering. Since 2016 have been focussing on ceramics, which I consequently explore and experiment with. I am interested in collaborations and look forward to receiving your feedback and comments!


Selected Links

Latest Exhibitions

Sculpture Club Berlin is a platform for sculpture lovers and makers managed by Beatrice Jugert

Sisterhood is a ceramic jewelry line that is manufactured and designed in my studio 

Rose Williams Jewelry is finest silversmith work designed in my studio


Illustration Home Gallery

San Fransisco

Atelier Beatrice Jugert

Fehrbellinerstraße 51

D-10119 Berlin


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