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Beatrice Jugert

Sculptor, Musician Berlin

I'm a sculptor and performer my material is ceramics and music. I play the singing saw in an all female Jazz Band. 
To develop my sculptures I do drawings and watercolors to visualize textures and moods. My topics are circling around identity and groups. I take a lot of inspiration from music and dance and rituals people do together.
I first learned stone sculpting in Italy and then I studied contemporary art at the University for Fine Arts Dresden, the Art Academy Düsseldorf and Columbia University in New York City. For some time I concentrated on conceptual art and installation. I have worked in theatre stage design and puppet engineering. Since 2016 have been focussing on ceramics, which I consequently explore and experiment with. I am interested in collaborations and look forward hearing from you!

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Latest Exhibitions

Sculpture Club Berlin is a platform for sculpture lovers and makers 


Illustration Home Gallery

San Fransisco

Atelier Beatrice Jugert

Fehrbellinerstraße 51

D-10119 Berlin


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