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Talking Hats

The show Talking Hats presents a series of ceramic sculptures in the shape of various hats at the Zagreus gallery. The cap itself is a simple bowl form and seems to reflect the cranium of a skull or an empty vessel.

TALKING HATS Beatrice Jugert

The hat protects and warms, it hides and represents. 

Food was served in hats.


Opening 17th of August 2023 at Zagreus Projekt Berlin

Hat Gig live concert & Jam with Toolbox Orchestra & Friends  

Finissage 15th of October 2023 with live music and dance jams with Kelvin Sholar Trio


I initiated the show to have everyone sit at one table again, share a conversation and delicious food and celebrate being different after the experience of isolation in the pandemic years.

At Zagreus Projekt Uli Krauss cooks a more course dinner inspired by the art exhibited, concerning the hats he was inspired by plain fare cooking from all over the world and what thoughts would look like.
Guests could book a dinner event and were offered to choose one hat from the exhibition which served as their plate for the night. The food was served in hats and hats were covering food to keep it warm.

Every hat in the ensemble represents symbolically a social group, a profession or different religions.
The question of status and its representation is raised, as well as to what extent we can choose identity and belonging. How do you locate the self within the collective? 

Individual pieces from the collection draw on references to iconic personalities or are inspired by art work depicting head gear. 


For the Vernissage and Finissage event I wanted to recreate this ritual of coming together with music and dance.

For the opening we had a music jam with Toolbox Orchestra supported by friends like Aurora Neiland and Nina Thaler, Oli Fuhrmann and Joris Focquaert. We created the music on the spot by improvising and people came to dance together. 

For the closing event I invited Kelvin Sholar Trio to play live music and worked with Jam House to invite dancers from different scenes, we had spontaneous dance jams.

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